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Hi, this blog is a mixture of my life as a wife, mum to 2 kids and creator of handmade cards which I sell to fund my addiction to craft stuff.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Half term chaos

So much for a relaxing half term, today was the 1st day where we didn`t have to get up for something!!
Saturday my daughter needed taking to work for 9.30am then  trip into York for a blouse suitable for a job interview & pick up my terminally unmendable Kenwood chef (works but very loud).
Sunday is 10yo sons swimming morning with hubby (8.30 start while it`s quiet at the pool) afternoon spent getting garden ready for winter.
Monday (this was the busiest) Daughter going to London with choir to see Les Miserables (coach leaving 9.00am) 10.30 dropped son off at my mums so I could go for job interview (in the new blouse bought on saturday) find out on friday whether I`ve been successful, oh & it was hubbys birthday too so various relatives calling with cards etc.
Yesterday dentist at 9.00 :-( then in the afternoon a trip to Ikea to spend a lot of money (in my head) and daughter arrived home (with an awful lot of washing no doubt).
So today I was looking forward to no alarm clock & what happens? I`m wide awake at 6.30am!! nothing on the calender tomorrow so hopefully a lie-in :-) cos on friday there`s the car needing to go for a service & new tumble dryer arriving (any time between 7.00am & 12!) How long til Christmas hols!?
Hope you`re having a nice half-term break :-)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Crafting Corner

On folksy forums at the moment is a thread where people are posting photos of their crafting space, well here is mine in all it`s messy glory (actually this is fairly tidy, I can actually find my desk!) it`s a corner in our bedroom that is so small/ awkward that it was just used to stack boxes in until I started cardmaking (come to think of it I still stack boxes in it just full of paper instead of old clothes!) Hope you`re not too shocked :-)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Folksy Friday- Christmas Trees

As  11 weeks tomorrow is  Christmas eve I thought I`d choose something very festive for my first folksy friday, I listed a card this week with a christmas tree on it & noticed some other tree themed items too; Here is mine,

 Here are a few others that I found by typing "christmas trees" into the search box
http://d200fahol9mbkt.cloudfront.net/item/19744449/fused_glass_tree.jpg Bluedaisyglass


http://www.folksy.com/items/2194589-Christmas-Trees Helles Belles Cards


http://www.folksy.com/items/2121293-2-Christmas-Wine-Glass-Charms Beadycharmer

http://www.folksy.com/items/2159405-Set-of-3-Shabby-Chic-Christmas-Decorations pants&paper

http://www.folksy.com/items/2215549-Christmas-Trees-cross-stitch-card Elencrafts

http://www.folksy.com/items/2260269-copper-christmas-tree-earrings Johnny&co

If you`d like a closer look at any of these just click on the link underneath the pictures . Thanks for looking :-)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Adding a photo?

I finally got the folksy link added, with some help from a couple of my folksy friends :-) So now I`ll see if I can add a picture of my latest listing. Bear with me this may take some time
 Yes it worked!!!!