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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Olympic Torch

Now I'm not very 'sporty' (as anyone who had me in their hockey team for school PE lessons will testify!!) and not too bothered about watching the olympics (I do however hope our team do well) but today the olympic torch came through our local town and as it will probably be a once in a lifetime chance I took the kids to see it come through (correction, my dad took us all to see it). My sister lives on the edge of town & luckily the torch was coming past the end of her road so my dad parked there so we wouldn't have far to walk (unfortunatly my sister had to go to work but I think she watched a live feed of it as my other sister got a text to say we'd been spotted) The crowd were in fine voice & the kids seemed to like the tamborine drums one of the sponser vehicles were handing out to the crowd.
                                                                         One of the mascots travelling ahead of the main convoy

The first torch bearer arriving

The changeover which we weren`t expecting

If you get chance to see it then I would go just for the 'feelgood' atmosphere (and I'm sure your kids won't complain about the 'freebies' ,my son was a bit dismayed at missing a free bottle of a famous soft cola drink)