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Hi, this blog is a mixture of my life as a wife, mum to 2 kids and creator of handmade cards which I sell to fund my addiction to craft stuff.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chocolate Shoe?!

I know I said they were too lovely to eat but earlier this week a severe hormonal chocolate craving coupled with the realisation that it was less than 2 weeks to Christmas (and I am so NOT organised!) meant something had to give it was the shoes or my sanity & the shoes lost :-(
Yes there`s only one left now, but the other did taste as good as it looked :-)
I`m a bit calmer & a little more organised now, but know I`ll still be checking lists on Christmas eve. I blame all the adverts on the telly showing a calm & glowing family sat around the dinner table  with a perfect mum bringing in the turkey or pudding with perfect make-up & beautifully dressed, don`t know about your house but at mine it`ll be the kids half asleep having woken up too early, hubby struggling to put together some lego set or game with very vague instructions & me red in the face from a hot kitchen.
However you spend it I hope you have a Happy Christmas
Diane x