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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Makeshift Photo Studio!!

There have been several posts on Folksy forums recently on how people manage to take good clear photos (especially in gloomy weather conditions) this is something I`ve struggled with at times over winter, when there`s no sun the photos are dark & when the sun does come out they look washed out! I looked into pop-up photo tents but the price put me off a bit (not making enough selling cards at the moment) as did the storage problem (I know they fold flat but our house is bursting at the seams) so I tried to think of a way of utilising what we already had at home & came up with this solution which seems to be helping me .
My craft corner is in our bedroom next to a window which has a roller blind and (more importantly) a thin white (ok whitish) curtain.
The camera I use is a fairly basic point & shoot type which I`ve had for several years (Fujifilm Finepix 6.3 megapixels) it does have the ability to turn off the flash & a macro ability (which I only recently discovered)

First clear desk chair of any excess papers etc. (please excuse the messy desk in the background!)

I leave the box on the chair as it makes for less crouching down when I take the photos (it`s the one I store my folksy shop in)

Next I cover the chair & box with an old tablecloth that I inherited from my Grandma (it doesn`t fit my dining table so if I don`t find a use for it Hubby might try to send it to the charity shop!) it`s white but has a subtle texture & pattern on it.

Next I add a plate stand to support the card (my dad bought me a load at a car boot to use on craft fair stalls to display my cards)

Then I add the card & take the photos without using the flash (I find this makes the photos look washed out & if there`s any gold/silver elements on the cards the light bounces off them.) I use the macro setting on my camera (the button with a flower on) to get clearer close-ups & take lots more photos than I need. The curtain acts as a light diffuser if the sun is too bright or I can use my desk lamp behind it if the weather is too gloomy (but I haven`t had to do this much as we get quite a lot of morning light in our bedroom)

Finally I up load them onto the laptop & go into the photo editing programme that came on the computer (windows photo gallery) and crop the photos & alter the brightness if I think they need it.
Then load them onto folksy, list them in my shop http://folksy.com/shops/DeesDesigns and (hopefully!) sell them :-)

I in no way claim to be an expert at good photography & there are many people on folksy who take better photos than mine  but I thought someone who`s new to all this might get a few tips to help their photos, after all that`s all our customers have to go on they can`t pick up our wonderful creations to inspect them.

Diane x