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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Can't believe...

.....it's nearly 2 months since I last added anything on here! where does the time go? It's been a hectic couple of months though, daughter's A-levels (results due tomorrow) sons general end of term stuff (sports day, parents evenings) as well as his high school visit & school leavers production, don't think it's sunk in yet that for the 1st time in 14 years I won't have one of my kids in the village primary school. Then we had my sons 11th birthday the day after he finished school (he's part of an small group of kids who can say they left primary school aged 10) After all that stress (daughter's exams) and emotional upheaval we were all ready for our annual visit to Cornwall (although if daughter gets into her first choice uni at Exeter we have a perfect excuse to go a bit more frequently:-)) As usual we crammed the car full of everything we could possibly need (and a few things we probably wouldn't need) and drove overnight (kids sleep all the way there & no 'are we there yet?' when we've only been on the road for a couple of hours) This year we stayed in the beautiful village of Gorran Haven, we discovered this lovely little beach many years ago but have never actually stayed there just gone for 'day visits' The following photos were taken one evening while my son was body boarding (not very successfully as the waves were a bit small)
The weather was a bit hit & miss all week but we managed to dodge the showers & got enough beach time to keep my 11yo 'surfer in training' happy

Already it seems like a distant memory (not helped by the autumnal rain outside) and in my head I'm planning next years trip (hoping for 2 weeks at least but that depends on whether I can find somone to employ me!)

Hope everyone is surviving the school holidays with their sanity intact & good luck to all those with kids getting exam results in the next couple of weeks :-)

Diane x