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Monday, 13 February 2012

Panto Time (Oh Yes It Is!!)

Sorry but this is an unashamed Proud Mum blog. My daughter has been a member of our village Amatuer Dramatics group for several years (auditioned for a small part in panto about 4 years ago got a lead part & was hooked)  This year the panto was Babes in the Wood (which also had Robin Hood in) and my son decided he wanted to join in so for the first time we had both kids on the stage in the same production (possibly also the last for a while as daughter will be going to uni in autumn) My daughter got the part of Robin & son was various crowd members, a ghost & additional merry man (they have a shortage of men in the group so several merry men were female chorus members) I know I`m biased but they all did a brilliant job (as usual) and the Saturday Matinee was full of kids (and adults!) shouting 'He`s behind you' & 'Oh yes he is' here`s a few photos of my 2 in costume :-)

Daughter as Robin Hood
Robin Hood in disguise
Son as a Merry Man
Son as a ghost
And finally the rarest of pictures, both kids stood next to each other & no arguing!!!