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Hi, this blog is a mixture of my life as a wife, mum to 2 kids and creator of handmade cards which I sell to fund my addiction to craft stuff.

Friday, 26 October 2012


We have a few robins in our garden who visit the bird feeder, one has even been known to sit on the windowsill & look in on us if there's nothing much on there as if to say 'It's breakfast time where's the food?'
Lots of sellers on Folksy have been listing for Christmas so there seems to be a lot of Robins on there too so as the weather is turning very wintry (the weather man mentioned snow this morning!) here's a few of Folksy's Festive Robins.

Firstly one of mine

These from Zulelkha's Art are beautifully detailed

This one from Audrey's Cat is made from vintage fabric

This lovely glass suncatcher has been painted by ARP Glass Designs

If you want to see any of  these lovely creations in your home then click on the text next to the photos to be taken to the details :-)
Finally don't forget to feed the robins & our other feathered friends through the winter.

Diane x 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

While Hubby's away.......

I've been playing :-) 

Normally I try to leave all things crafty at my desk, otherwise the whole house would be awash with paper, glitter etc. & it's bad enough with my 11yo son's Warhammer 40k stuff taking over the dining room. However hubby is away for a couple of nights (which gives me chance to tidy up after myself) so I brought down some of my Christmas decoupage sheets to cut & stack whilst 'watching' the telly, it's amazing how much I got done in only an hour or so;

Apologies for the bad  quality of the photo but it is a bit late & the only place I could lay them all out was on the living room floor. 
Now I need to get my act together and make them up into cards before the 'Christmas rush' has passed :-)

Here's some I prepared earlier 
To find these cards (and more) click on the folksy shop link at the top of the page

Diane x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Folksy Friday Autumn Colours The End is Nigh!!

Only a few more things left on my list, so there's light at the end of the tunnel!

If you want more details click on the shop name next to the photo.

Firstly a few warm reds,
Melissa's Ceramics 

Quilting Demon



RaRa Bazaar

Jules Handmade

Finally There were some gorgeous metallic coppers & bronzes

Creative Treasures 

Putting on the Charms 

AbyJem Handcrafted Jewellery

The Owl & The Pussycat

Midnight Star Designs

And finally a few from me!

 Hope no-one fell asleep during that marathon blog, back soon.

Diane x

Folksy Friday Autumn Colours Part 2

This time is vibrant oranges, lots of these, we must be a bright lot on folksy!

If you want more details click on the shop name next to the photo.



NOfkants Curios

VBpure Designs

ARP Glass Designs

Leisure Time Collection

 Handmade By Edwina

An Owl To The Hollow

Streets Of Beige

Designed By Linda



The Wooly Knitter


That's it for part 2, now to work on part 3!

Diane x 

Folksy Friday, Autumn Colours Part 1

I decided it was time I did a Folksy Friday blog (can't remember the last one I did!) and chose the lovely colours of autumn leaves as my theme, I put a plea on the folksy forum for items & was inundated lots of lovely items. I've decided to split them into colour groups & I'll try to include something from everyone who replied.
As there were so many items I've decided to split them into 3 blogs so I don't bore you all silly.

If you want to see more details click on the shop name next to the photo.

I'll start with the rich browns
Funky Mosiacs 

WildRose Designs 



Anna Louise Designs 



ZouZou Designs 

 The Mucky Pup

Ann Chandler Originals 

Handcrafted By Jo

Amy Youngman Designs 


Part Two, Oranges Coming Soon :-)

Diane x