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Friday, 4 May 2012

Folksy Friday- Babies!

We have new additions in our garden, on Monday I spotted a baby blackbird hiding under our hedge (I tried to get photos but couldn`t get close enough without upsetting either baby or parents) and yesterday while I was hanging out the washing I kept hearing the distinctive squeaking of baby birds that have seen Mum/Dad returning with food. So in honour of the fact spring is supposedily here I thought I`d do a folksy friday on babies. Here`s some lovely items that the crafters on Folksy have to offer:-
These 2 are my latest card listings for new babies.
This lovely card is hand drawn by Helen McCartney (reminds me of my daughter as a baby!)
Shona the Knitting Fairy makes these cuddly pompom blankets.
This gorgeous cardigan is from Moggles Makes
This very fashionable hat was made by Natalie Ofkants

If you need to decorate baby`s nursery then GingerBeer Designs make lovely bunting....
...and Sharon from Osodinki made this cute sock bunny.
This sweet card from Nicki @ Bucket & Spade Designs is also available in blue,
This card from Fatema @Rara Avis is hand embroidered

Karen from CanUKnitit not only knits but makes beautiful cushions too!
Emma from Clarkie Designs can personalise this card to fit your family size (so long as you`re not the Waltons!)
Helles Belles card have this card in pink for the girls too.

To see what else these crafters have on offer just click the link under the photos
Hope these cute baby items haven`t got anyone too broody :-)
Diane x