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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ok I know I`m probably a bit late to do a blog on halloween but just wanted to share some pictures of my son dressed as a zombie, as usual I left it a bit late to shop for face paint so had to resort to talc &  my 17yo daughters make up (she has more goth colours than me) but she took great delight in "making up" her little brother.

 Some friends from the top of our street took their kids & a few extras around our village & I`m not sure who enjoyed it more adults or kids :-) they came back with enough treats to last until christmas (hopefully), normally we get a few come round but this year we had so many we ran out of sweets & had to give choccie biscuits to the last few! My son took great delight in trying to get the scariest face on the pumpkin that he could so here are a couple of piccies of his creation.

Hope you had fun on Halloween & no tricks were played
Diane x

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