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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Whiter Than White?

White is ............
 Daisies, Wedding Dresses, cake icing,snow and fluffy clouds.

Most cardmakers see white as a challenge, there are so many shades of white it's difficult to match pieces of card or paper , if a card has too much white you're wondering if it looks 'finished' or just half done, does the amount of white enhance or detract from your main focal point, all in all white can be a bit of a nightmare. But it can also be a delight and really make a card stand out from the rest , on Folksy forums we have a weekly thread for papercrafters to show off their creations, each week it has a theme and this week Carol of Cariadcrafts picked white, I thought I would struggle to find a card in my shop and wasn't sure how many others would add to the thread but are our whiter than white crafts.
A romantic Wedding card from Cariadcrafts  W
This card from Ritzy Swish uses the white to show off the delicate design
This elegant card from Phoenix Projects uses texture to great effect

A sweet Wedding card from Diane's Decoupage   a
TThis card is made by the aptly named White Card Company
HHelles Belles card has a very crisp clean look H
TThese cards look delicious and were made by Stephanie Short Stationary
This is my contribution to the white thread 


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