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Friday, 26 October 2012


We have a few robins in our garden who visit the bird feeder, one has even been known to sit on the windowsill & look in on us if there's nothing much on there as if to say 'It's breakfast time where's the food?'
Lots of sellers on Folksy have been listing for Christmas so there seems to be a lot of Robins on there too so as the weather is turning very wintry (the weather man mentioned snow this morning!) here's a few of Folksy's Festive Robins.

Firstly one of mine

These from Zulelkha's Art are beautifully detailed

This one from Audrey's Cat is made from vintage fabric

This lovely glass suncatcher has been painted by ARP Glass Designs

If you want to see any of  these lovely creations in your home then click on the text next to the photos to be taken to the details :-)
Finally don't forget to feed the robins & our other feathered friends through the winter.

Diane x 


  1. How cute. Love robins, and their song.

  2. Robin are one of my favourite British bird and you have a lovely selection here!

    Feeling very festive now!

    Natalie x