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Thursday, 11 October 2012

While Hubby's away.......

I've been playing :-) 

Normally I try to leave all things crafty at my desk, otherwise the whole house would be awash with paper, glitter etc. & it's bad enough with my 11yo son's Warhammer 40k stuff taking over the dining room. However hubby is away for a couple of nights (which gives me chance to tidy up after myself) so I brought down some of my Christmas decoupage sheets to cut & stack whilst 'watching' the telly, it's amazing how much I got done in only an hour or so;

Apologies for the bad  quality of the photo but it is a bit late & the only place I could lay them all out was on the living room floor. 
Now I need to get my act together and make them up into cards before the 'Christmas rush' has passed :-)

Here's some I prepared earlier 
To find these cards (and more) click on the folksy shop link at the top of the page

Diane x

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